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When conducting business, it is critical to understand what you are getting into, what you require, and how much you deserve. ECS Accounting delivers legal provisions related to income tax audits so that you may run your business legally and correctly. Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act of 1961 requires tax audits for some persons, requiring qualified Chartered Accountants to audit their financial records before filing their income tax returns.

A laptop user performs a tax audit by examining financial data and timely filing taxes with global connections.

ECS Accounting Firm provides complete Tax Auditing Services in Chennai. We prioritize privacy protection and work hard to improve our client services. We believe in offering professional services through specialized skills in various industries. ECS Accounting offers tax, consultancy, audit, financial counselling, and CA services. With local and worldwide connections, we provide scalable, robust, and long-term solutions customized to fulfil company objectives and handle challenging issues. We aim to build a contemporary professional services organization that delivers local and worldwide consultancy.

How Can a Tax Audit Benefit Your Organization?

A tax audit helps protect your company from legal responsibilities and penalties. It also provides a variety of advantages that may propel your organization forward and support your business in a variety of ways, such as:

Audited statements are accepted by government authorities as genuine and fair for taxes purposes. It will assist you in obtaining financing and licencing for your company.Enhancing your organization's trustworthiness in the eyes of consumers, suppliers, investors, workers, and tax officials is crucial to improving its overall reputation. It will lower the likelihood of fraudulent activity in your organization.Based on the results in your records, we at ECS Accounting Services will make actual suggestions for company improvements.

Why Choose ECS Accounting Services for Tax Audit?

For both individuals and companies, tax season can be rather frustrating. ECS Accounting Company provides professional tax advice in Chennai. With a focus on income tax filing and GST registration, we strive to gain the trust of our customers and maximize their worth by staying dedicated, transparent, and knowledgeable.

Why Choose ECS for Income Tax Audit Services?

Our Chennai-based business registration advisory board aims to simplify tax payments by offering reminders and digital filing cabinets for the necessary documentation. Our Chartered Accountants can design wills and act as executors, ensuring clients' estates are distributed according to their intentions. Our proficient group understand current business issues and can assist you in overcoming them.


Maximize Your Tax Outcome

Our tax professionals help you maximize your income by identifying all eligible credits and deductions for your sector.


Affordable Expertise

Get customized human assistance depending on where you are and where you want to go - for as little as the salary of a standard accountant.


Small Business Expertise

Our qualified tax professionals have a standard of 30 years of experience and get yearly Tax Advisors instruction to specialize for small companies.


100% Assurance of Accuracy

We assure 100% accuracy on your income tax, bookkeeping, and payroll. We will compensate you for any fines or interest incurred if we make mistakes on your return.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's not a given that a tax audit that applies in one year will also use in all the following years. Every prior year is consulted to determine if a tax audit is applicable.

A tax audit is a procedure in which a Chartered Accountant verifies a taxpayer's books of financial statements and accounts to guarantee compliance with the terms of the Income Tax Act and distributes the tax audit report. Its goal is to check that taxpayers have reported their income, expenses, and other financial facts correctly and by the law..

A tax audit's principal goal is to ensure that taxpayers follow the terms of the Income Tax Act and keep sufficient books of accounts. It aids in the detection and prevention of tax evasion, the accuracy of financial information reporting, and the promotion of transparency in tax affairs..

The Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008 or the Companies Act of 2013 mandates the statutory audit. This general and thorough process thoroughly examines a business's books of accounts. The auditor must issue a written opinion regarding whether the reports present a genuine or fair picture of the company. The Income Tax Act decreases the scope of the tax audit by demanding comprehensive information in particular forms, including 3CA/ 3CB and 3CD, to evaluate compliance with numerous tax regulations.

The tax audit process includes reviewing the taxpayer's books of accounts, financial statements, supporting papers, and other pertinent information. The Chartered Accountant checks the stated income, deductions, and conformity with relevant tax rules. They also monitor adherence to accounting rules and highlight any anomalies or non-compliance in a tax audit report..

Provisions for tax audits primarily apply to corporations and professions. Conversely, individuals may be subject to tax audits if their turnover or gross earnings exceed the statutory thresholds under the Income Tax Act.

An internal audit is a risk management tool that assists in understanding risk exposure and offers internal controls to manage such risks.Increases transparency to enable to develop good corporate governance.

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